Baltimore Mariners

Baltimore Mariners

The Baltimore Mariners were an indoor football team that only lasted for two seasons. They were based out of Baltimore Maryland. Despite the fact that this team was short lived and only lasted for two seasons they where able to achieve great things.

Indoor football is a sport regulated by the AIFA or American Indoor Football Association. It is s variation on American football that is played indoors on a smaller field than that used for regular football. Regular American football games played indoors such as those played in the Astrodome or the Superdome does not count as indoor football games since a standard sized playing field is used. Indoor football is played from mid to late winter until the middle of the summer.

The Mariners were founded after the Baltimore blackbirds was kicked out of the AIFA league after having negotiated with another league. The lease for the 1st Mariner Arena belonged to the AIFA and hence they allowed the Mariners to take the place earlier held by the blackbirds. The AIFA has now been replaced by the Southern Indoor League in the Southern part of AIFA territory.

The Baltimore Mariners played two season 2009 and 2010. 2010 they succeeded to go through the league undefeated to win the AIFA Championship. They were the first team to ever go through a season undefeated. They also set several other records during 2010 such as becoming the first team to earn a shutout win, 59-0 against Fayetteville Guard. Later the same season they score 91-19 against the Guard setting record for the highest total score in a game(91) and the highest half time score (59). The coach during the 2010 season was Chris Simpson. Chris Simpson was recruited to the Richmond Raiders for the 2011 season after the Baltimore Mariners folded.

After the 2010 season the team folded due to the owner losing the franchise rights to the mariner franchise. This followed the September 3, 2010 arrest of the owner Dwayne Wells. Dwayne Wells was arrested on the charge of wire fraud and it was believed that he had used embezzled money to buy the franchise stakes.

The history of the Baltimore mariners might have been a short one but they achieved a lot during this time and the players should be given a lot of respect for what they achieved as they played no part in the owners actions that got the team disbanded. The Baltimore Mariners did after all, as mentioned above, set several records and brought Baltimore its first ever pro indoor football title and the eight overall pro football championship title to add to the 5 NFL titles, the USFL title and the CFL title the city already had.

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